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 Effective ways to build your M L M on the Internet

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Effective ways to build your M L M on the Internet Empty
PostSubject: Effective ways to build your M L M on the Internet   Effective ways to build your M L M on the Internet EmptyMon Apr 26, 2010 9:33 am

You can build M'LM entirely on the internet and you
can also mix offline and online strategies to build
the business.

Before I tell you how online marketers use the Internet
to build their downline, let me tell you three rules
for anyone considering to get involved.

Rule #1: You USE the products or services yourself.

Rule #2: You will USE the products yourself even though
there's no compensation plan attached to the products.

Rule #3: You don't have problems recommending the
products to anyone and everyone.

Then, only after you pass these three rules, you are
more prepared to begin building the business. Or else,
find the right products to represent.

Why do I stress the word "USE" twice above?

First, if you don't or can't use the products or services
from your M'LM company, there's more likely that others
will not use them too.

Second, how can you tell others if the products or
services are any good if you, yourself, don't use them?

If you fall for the greed of getting lots of money
by looking at the compensation plan only, you are
more likely to quit in less than 90 days. M'LM requires
work and that work is promoting your business and
helping your team to grow.

Now that we've set the three rules for you to follow,
we'll move on to using the internet to build your
downline. And, like other Internet business models,
you can sometimes adopt the same strategies to build
your M'LM business. Here are a few of them:

1. Use autoresponder to tell others about the products
or services your M'LM company provides. Tell your
prospects about the company, how the products can
solve their problems, how they can get paid by
telling others about the products, and how you will
help them generate extra income from the business.

2. Create a product (an eBook for example) about
anything related to your M'LM products or the
problems that your products can solve. For example,
you can write an eBook about periodontal disease,
how it happens, several ways to cure the disease
and then recommend dental care products from your
M'LM company. Then, you can sell the eBook or give
it away for free.

3. Create a one page website with a "Killer Sales
Letter" to sell your product. Your sales letter
should be compelling enough that your prospects
will pull out their credit cards to order your
products right even before they finish reading
your website. If they don't order, follow up with
your autoresponder.

4. Create a content website to educate your prospects
about your products and your business. Ken Evoy is
suggesting this approach at his website:

5. Use online multimedia tool to let your prospects
be more open about your business. Instead of your
trying to convince about the industry, let the
professionals do the work for you. For example,
ask your website visitors to view short prospecting
movies before they contact you. Visit this site to
find out more details:

6. Hold tele-conference meetings to support, educate,
train and sponsor people into your organization.
This is extremely helpful to build a long distance
group. With the internet, you can also hold web
conference meetings where your prospects can logon
to their PCs and hear you talk.

7. Buy prospect names with their particulars so that
you can contact them on the phone or lead them to
your website. This approach requires some skills
to practice and a reliable resource to get your
leads/prospect names.

These seven tips are just a start. Network Marketing
or M'LM is an entire business industry by itself but
you can always have an option to build it offline,
online and both online and offline. Internet can
probably speed up the progress or the process of your
prospecting routine, but it shouldn't remove the
relationship building between you and your team. The
success of you in your M'LM comes from the success
of your team.

So build your team and support them.

With that, we conclude module #6 - Profit With Online
M'LM. I'll see you again with our last module of the
Profit Onlines Series.

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Effective ways to build your M L M on the Internet
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